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Academic adventure awaits in the renowned Trial of SAT! This formidable exam evaluates the skills and knowledge prime for collegiate success.

Designed by the College Board, the Scholastic Assessment Test first appeared in 1926, though its challenges ever evolve. Today, the SAT aims to assess the literacies and learnings that enlighten students in high school and beyond.

The current SAT contains four sections:

  •   • Reading – Comprehend complex passages on science, history and literature.
  •   • Writing – Demonstrate mastery of grammar, rhetoric and effective essay writing. 
  •   • Math – Show your algebraic, geometric, trigonometric and statistical reasoning abilities. 
  •   • Optional Essay – Craft a persuasive case for your viewpoint in 50 minutes.

While demanding, conquering the Trial proves your readiness for the rigors of higher education. The SAT is accepted for undergraduate admissions by all Ivy League institutions and over 2,500 universities worldwide.

Those who best the Trial earn 400-1600 points, with many schools seeking 1100+ for admission. But beware – scores are valid for just 5 years before you must undertake the Trial anew! Registration costs $55 in India and up to $107 internationally.

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Examination Format

The SAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board in a multiple-choice question format. This is attempted by students to pursue undergraduate courses, particularly to study in the US or study in Canada. The SATs have been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates. The overall test time is about 2 hour and 14 minutes. There are two sections. SAT score, which ranges from 400-1600. Each section uses a scale of 200-800 in 10-point increments. A good score on Math or Reading and Writing, then, would be around 600.

Section Duration in Minutes NUMBER OF QUESTIONS
Reading and Writing
64 minutes (two 32-minute modules)
70 minutes (two 35-minute modules)