International English Language Testing System

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Embark on a Journey with IELTS, the Test of the Four Skills
Seeking to study or work abroad? To prove your English abilities, you must pass the Trial of IELTS.

This formidable test evaluates your mastery of the four core skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. Designed by Cambridge Assessment English, British Council, and IDP, it is recognized globally as the International English Language Testing System.

Within the trial, you must demonstrate proficiency across a range of accents while analyzing complex texts. Success requires strong vocabulary, grammar, and analytical abilities.

The Reading and Listening sections test your comprehension through passages and conversations. Writing tasks your organizational skills with essays and letters. Speaking challenges you to introduce yourself fluently and converse casually before stern examiners.

While daunting, passing the Trial of IELTS proves you can handle the linguistic demands of university or employment in English-speaking lands. The exam is accepted by over 10,000 organizations across 140 countries.

Those who best the Trial receive a score between 0-9 for each skill. But beware – there are no retries for 12 months if you fail to reach your goal! You must book another appointment at an authorized test center and pay the fee again.

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Examination Format

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System ) is an English proficiency exam widely used for college and university admissions. It assesses listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills in academic settings. The IELTS has 4 main sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The total test time for the IELTS is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Scores range from 1-9 for each section. A total score of 6.5-7.0 is required by most colleges and universities for admission.

Section Duration in Minutes Number of questions
60 minutes
Measures ability to understand academic passages.
30 minutes
Tests ability to understand lectures, conversations, and dialogues.
11 -14 minutes
Assesses spoken English skills through independent and integrated tasks
60 minutes
Evaluates ability to write essay responses on academic topics