Visa Counselling

When the student finally receives their admission documents from the university they need to be successful in their application for a Student Visa. The acceptance or rejection of the student visa is on the basis of this application. This makes the application and the ancillary documentation absolutely pivotal to the efforts of securing a visa to another country.
Applying for the visa, according to most applicants, is an arduous task. The visa applications are finely examined by the authorities and should meet all of their checkpoints before they are approved. Over and above this the applicants are also required to give a personal interview with the representatives of the country you are applying to at their embassy or High Commissions.
Visa guidance isn’t just about filing visa applications, but also includes preparing students for mock interviews with country high commissions, preparing financial documents and guidance with bank loans etc. We are always in touch with the consulates of countries, thus ensuring maximum success in getting visas.

Visa Application Process

The students can approach the visa application process in two ways

Apply directly

Few students take this approach. In this approach we give them basic understanding of visa process and the guide them according to the embassy website.

Our Services

EduBrix has over 15 years of experience in helping clients move abroad. This experience has prepared us to help you create an infallible visa application. We are updated with the latest information and changes, which are frequent, in the processes and ensure the application is in lines with the latest rules and requirements. This practice of thorough applications has ensured that we have a bare minimum refusal rates for our clients.
At EduBrix, we are with the student every step of the way. We ensure that the students are thoroughly prepared for all the possible questions that may be asked in the interview. There are comprehensive training sessions where the applicant is given a number of tips and techniques to help them fly through the interview. This not only imbues the student with confidence but also ensures that they are not caught by surprise during the interview
We are ably supported with a team of ex – visa officials/Immigration lawyers possessing the necessary knowledge and experience. This team supervise the students through the whole cumbersome Visa process to make it easy and viable. Not only that, EduBrix has also gained a trust with the education consultants at the embassies and high commissions around the world. In a way, our reputation regularises the Visa taking process for a student heading for their dream study destination.
Services available include:
  • Specific country wise application advice
  • General guidance on student visa processes
  • Application and support documents check
  • Cover Letter Drafting
  • Financial Documents Compiling
  • Interview skills training and mock interview practice
  • Re-appeal in case of visa refusal
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