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Medical education is one of the most respectable and lucrative career options in India and abroad. It is indeed the most significant career preference towards a healthier society. However, it requires a lot of preparation and vast planning.
In India, several students nurture the dream of becoming a doctor. Out of them, only a few can accomplish their goal. The top-notch medical colleges are the target of most students. Unfortunately, most end up with BDS or other paramedical programs. If you evaluate the data from other countries, students do not face such issues.
Every country has its criteria for undergraduate programmes. Let’s examine the differences between studying MBBS in India and MBBS abroad.

Availability of Seats

There are numerous medical colleges in India, but unfortunately, the ever-growing population of our country manages to outstrip the availability of seats. The numbers get filled up fast. Many aspirants are unable to secure a place and are forced to change the path of their career.


When it comes to applying abroad, the choices are abundant. Students can select universities as per their budget and requisites. Some universities do not even require an entrance examination.

Quality of Education

After the UK, USA, and Australia; a medical degree from India is most valued, especially if obtained from the Indian government colleges. The government and specific private colleges in India provide an excellent quality of education. However, the same doesn’t hold true about the average private colleges and government colleges in remote areas.

Level of Development

Abroad, no matter where you enrol, the system of education is much more advanced and developed than India. With exceptional faculty, advanced equipment, extensive practical training and exposure; you can’t go wrong in pursuing medicine abroad.

Financial Aspects

Completing MBBS in India can be far more reasonable than studying abroad. The government colleges are affordable, and facilities such as lodging, food, and commuting work out cheap. However, that’s not the case with private colleges. Some of them charge up to 1.5 crores for a five and half year’s course. Compared to this there are several nations abroad like China, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Philippines that can promise you a degree in lesser value. In some of these universities, MBBS is possible within a budget of 30 lakhs.


It is also vital to elaborate here that with the growing number of scholarships offered and smooth accessibility to education loans, international higher education is relatively more reachable today.

Experience and Exposure

The span of exposure is far more abroad than your native land can offer you. The global experience and exposure obtained while studying abroad adds to your medical credibility and persona. Meeting new people and overcoming difficulties in a foreign land further augments your confidence. In the initial days, you may feel homesick and out of place, but gradually you will transform into an independent and responsible individual.

Research Opportunities

It is a well-known fact that research opportunities available to students abroad are way ahead of the funding and amenities available in India. In fact, this is one of the most fundamental reasons for the migration of Indian students to foreign lands. Majority of the students complete their research programmes and go on to become faculty members.
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Pursuing MBBS and accomplishing the course is in itself a prestigious thing, one that not many students can achieve in life. In the year 2017, 11 lakhs students appeared for NEET. Approximately 6 lakhs students cleared the entrance examination. Unfortunately, for these 6 lakhs students, only 51,000 medical seats were available.
If you are facing a dilemma whether it is better to study medicine in India or abroad; remember you aren’t alone. Several students and their families face this situation regularly. While studying in your native land translates to better comfort of everyday living and constant support of loved ones; the lure of a foreign degree is irresistible owing to global exposure and excellent career and research opportunities. The call is yours. Decide judiciously to build a secure future and career.



  • In 2017, there were more than 11 Lakhs aspirants for 55,000MMBS seats


  • High Competition for Indian Medical seats
  • Very high capitation fees and tuition fees upward of INR 15 lakh per year
  • Medical fees in abroad university start as low as INR 1lakh per year
  • Various options available at