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The Embassy of Ireland processes long term stay visas including student visas. The procedure is largely document based and interviews are seldom needed. However, the process may be time consuming and hence it is advisable to apply as early as possible.
The student visa for Ireland requires that you apply with all your financial papers to the Embassy of Ireland. You would need to show that you can pay for your entire education through liquid assets and also include copies of your income tax returns and other financial papers. In addition to this, your academic results are also needed. You will have to submit your medical records in order to complete the process. When you arrive in Ireland you will be required to register with the immigration office.

General Info

Only those students who are applying under the Approval-in-Principle Scheme (students who have still pursuing their bachelors while applying for Masters) need to pay €6,000 and then they pay the remainder once they confirm their results with the Education Provider in Ireland. The visa will only be issued when they have paid the full fees.
Full fees are expected to be paid by all other students when they make their visa application. The Visa Officer will only assess study applications where a student has paid at least €6,000 towards their fee if it is under €12,000. If less than €6,000 has been paid in these cases the visa application will be refused. If the fee is more than €12000, the student must pay at least half of the total fee amount or the visa application will be refused.
The Visa Office will not issue an Irish student visa to any student unless they have paid at least 50% of the fee and their applications could be refused if they do not forward evidence that they have paid the required fee.  These change were made applicable since September 2019 intake

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Ireland Visa Application process

  • Pay the visa application fee and complete the form online
  • Carry the following documents at the visa application centre
    • Current and all old passports
    • Signed letter of application including full contact details
    • The original visa fee payment receipt
    • Acceptance letter
    • Evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in Ireland
    • School and college transcripts
    • Standardized test score sheets
    • Medical records
  • Students who intend on staying in Ireland for more than 90 days are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). In addition to course fees, the student must have access to €3,000 at first registration with GNIB.
The Embassy of Ireland will make a decision using the documents you submit. If required you may be called for an interview.