About Germany

Germany has a long and rich history, a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle mixing the modern and the classics, the urban and the rural which will immerse and make you love every second spent here. Not surprisingly, Germany is ranked among the world’s top destinations for international students. According to the latest official statistics, there are over 357,000 foreign students seeking a university degree in Germany whereas the number is steadily increasing. Every year, thousands of scholars coming from all around the world trust their education to German universities and reasons for this are obvious.

Education System

Recently Germany is becoming a magnet for international students from all over the world. Germany is a higher education paradise. Unlike in any other country, in Germany you will find many worldwide ranked universities, countless courses to choose among, globally valued degrees that promise a high employability to you and affordable living costs. German public education makes it possible for qualified kids to study up to university level, regardless of their families' financial status.
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Large Cities

Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Dortmund

Area Size

357,022 km²




83,149,300 (As of 2019)


Euro (€) (EUR)



International Students

393,579 (As of 2019)

Engineering, Human Medicine and Dentistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Business Management, etc. are the top-recommended courses to study in Germany. Apart from these, various other UG and PG courses which are gaining more popularity among students are Law and Social Sciences, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology, Nutritional Sciences, Linguistic and Cultural Studies and Art and Music
At the time when higher education is becoming a necessity due to the increased need for highly qualified professionals and cost of attending university are increasing faster, Germany is the only top study destination whose universities charge no tuition fees.
A decision which came into power in October 2014, stated that all international students attending a public university in Germany would be free from paying normal tuition fees. Foreign students will only have to pay few administrative costs like student contribution, student union fee and a public transport ticket which account to around €250 per semester altogether.
Intake Remark
September Offered by all Universities  and Private Colleges
March and April Offered by selected Universities Private Colleges and study Centers

Living Standards

Despite the fact that it is one of the richest countries in the world, living expenses in Germany are not as high as you would expect; they are similar to those of other EU countries. Generally speaking, Germany is not considered expensive, especially when compared to the average cost of living in Europe, although there are always exceptions to this, and what your budget must be will depend on where you are and your lifestyle requirements.


  • Low Or No Tuition Fees
  • Travel Europe on a student visa
  • Countless Degree Courses
  • Work Opportunities For International Students
  • 15 year of education acceptable for few courses
  • Admissions without GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT Possible
  • Post study work visa up to 18 months



Degree Duration of Degree Post Study Work Visa
Bachelor’s 3-4 years 1.5 years
Master’s by Course work 2 years 1.5 years
Master’s by Research 2 years 1.5 years
PhD 3-5 years 1.5 years


Permanent residence in Germany is offered after only 2 years spent as a foreign graduate of a German university. A German settlement permit is a permanent residence for foreigners who have lawfully lived for a number of years in Germany. It authorizes you to unlimitedly live, work, study and bring your family members in Germany. After 8 years spent in Germany with a settlement permit, you can require naturalization.