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The France visa process is very time consuming and you should apply at least 2-3 months before your course start date. The French student visa application is a two stage process, and students would first have to apply to the academic centre of France in their home country and get an approval from them. After this approval students can apply to the French Embassy or Consulate for a student visa. An interview is generally required and you will be asked questions about your reasons to study in France and how you plan to pay for your education. You will need to carry your income tax papers and bank statements as well as your past academic records including your mark sheets and degree. You will also need to know details about the course which you plan to study.

General Info

There are different types of student visas for France:
  • Visa de court séjour pour etudes (‘Schengen’ short-stay student visa): The student is allowed come to France and study for up to three months on this visa, without the need for a separate residence visa. This is suitable for those enrolling on a language course or short-term programs.
  • Visa de long séjour temporaire pour etudes (temporary long-stay visa): This visa allows you to study in France for between three and six months without the need for a residence permit. It is non-renewable.
  • Visa de long séjour etudes (long-stay visa): If you want to study for longer than six months, then you need to apply for this visa. This type of study visa lasts for the duration of your course in France i.e. three years for bachelors, two years for masters and four years for a Ph.D. Long-stay visas act as residence permits and are called VLT-TS.
Submission of Visa application and collection of passports can be done only by the applicant himself or through a travel agent authorized by the Embassy of France, New Delhi. French Student Visa has two distinct stages of application, one at the Campus France and the other at the embassy. The set of documents can vary for both of them. Once the student has filled in the online form on the website the student will be asked to schedule an academic interview in person with Campus France with specific documents. After completing this step you visit the visa services office to proceed with your long term student visa application. The student would be required to submit originals at Campus France and Photo-copies at the embassy/ consulate/ Visa Application Centre. India falls in the list Etudes en France (EEF) procedure countries. Visa pricing for countries with EEF procedure is currently set at 50 €

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France Visa Application process

Starting from the 2019 school year, non-European nationals enrolling for the first time in a university program in France will be required to pay tuitions fees : 2 770€ for Licence (undergraduate) programs and 3 770€ for Masters programs. In order to know whether or not this applies to you, please check with your local Campus France agency and the school in which you wish to study.
  • Carry the following documents when you visit Campus France
    • Current and all old passports
    • The original fee payment receipt
    • Acceptance letter
  • Carry the following documents when you visit the visa office:
    • Accommodation proof
    • Evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in France
    • Insurance
    • Tickets
    • All other documents needed for a Schengen visa approval