There’s a common saying in our nation “Pelt a stone at crowd and chances are that it’ll hit an engineer!” It sounds funny but alarming at the same time.
India has produced some of the greatest engineers who have brought pride to our nation. Indian youth is inspired and motivated like never before to showcase and explore their talent on global scale. However, there are certain obstacles faced by aspiring engineers in India due to various inevitable factors. Indian students are heading to foreign countries for engineering and if you believe the experts, it’s a good decision on their part!
In India, the educational scenario is changing, there’s no doubt about that. But the revolution will take a long time and the students who want to fulfil their dream of becoming world-class engineers don’t have that much time in their hands. That’s why, most career oriented students plan to go abroad to get engineering degree from a reputed institution. This not only saves their time, but also makes them eligible to get hired by any of top notch companies in the world.

The following diagram differentiates Indian and overseas education apply:


  • Average fees of INR 6L for 4 years of course
  • Average salary post qualification INR 3-3.5 p.a


  • Best designed curriculum
  • Practical approach of studies
  • Part-time earning opportunities during studies
  • Employment and PR opportunities
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