Study visa for Canada

The student visa for Canada is document based and in most cases an interview is not required. Applicants need to show that they can pay for their entire education whilst in the country, including living expenses. The funds shown should be in movable or liquid assets and a detailed cover letter explaining your reasons to study in Canada, your plans after graduation and your financial plan should be included. Certain health requirements must also be fulfilled when you applying for a student visa to Canada. The visa processing time for Canada can be 1-2 months and hence students should apply early.

General Info

If an Indian citizen plans to apply to a Canadian college, the study permit is granted faster through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). The Canadian Embassy processes most SDS applications within 20 calendar days. However, some applications may take longer.
To get faster processing, the student must
  • give biometrics as soon as possible
  • meet all the eligibility requirements
The student must remember that his/her study permit isn’t a visa. If the Canadian Embassy approves study permit application, they will also automatically give the student either a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) or an electronic travel authorization (eTA), depending on their   passport or travel document. This is what allows the student to travel to and enter Canada.
Further, if the student would be studying in Quebec, he/she would be also required to apply for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).
If you plan to apply to a Canadian college through the Student Direct Stream (SDS), there are additional recommended steps that you can take. For example, you may want to show evidence of purchase of a Special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution of $10,000 CAD to cover the living expenses for the first year in Canada.

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Canada Visa Application process

The Canadian Embassy will make a decision using the documents submitted. If required the student may be called for an interview.
  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Complete the non-immigrant visa application form online
  • Carry the following documents when you visit the visa application centre:
    • Visa application form
    • one photograph taken within the last six months
    • Current and all old passports
    • The original visa fee payment receipt
    • Acceptance letter
    • Evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in Canada School
    • College transcripts
    • Standardized test score sheets (IELTS)
    • Medical test reports